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This blog is sponsored by the B2B Resource Team LLC. Its purpose is to share useful information, ideas, and how to’s with business owners and organization leaders who want improved profitability, online marketing strategies, competitive advantage online presence, and a significant brand awareness.

We’ll introduce proven tools and techniques that are most useful to businesses in this rapidly changing internet marketing space.  We hope that some of these will help grow your own business.

Most of our posts will revolve around curating topics in five main areas that have proven themselves as key growth factors:

  • Ad Campaign Management (Google search ads, display ads, Facebook ads)
  • Reputation Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Practical Social Media
  • Ideas that Save Your business time and money

In addition, For many years through our main businesses – The B2B Resource Team, and the Sarasota Copywriter – we have successfully consulted with clients in many industries to help them improve their business, and we’ll share some of the gems of learning without revealing confidential information.

We’d love to get your ideas and comments too.  So feel free to comment and contact me if you’d like to write a guest blog post.

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Greg Jordan