In the old days of internet marketing (just a year or so ago), having tons of backlinks to your webpage was the holy grail of internet ranking.  And although they’re still one of the most important ranking factors, they’re sharing the ranking stage with Google’s favorite – web page visitor behavior.

Although no one outside of Google – and many within Google – know the details of their ranking algorithm.  We do know that factors like time spent on pages, bounces, comments, and other factors that show how much people love your content may have taken over the no. 1 spot in ranking factors.

Regardless of the which factor is most important, it’s clear that this is the direction the big internet platforms are going.  Facebook recently told us so when they elevated comments over shares and likes as one of their most important factors for evaluating content.

Create “No Bounce” Copy

Marketing copy is anything that is written for your business.  This includes ads, flyers, blog posts, special reports, brochure, packaging texts, emails, etc.  You want to create copy that engages the reader and keeps them from quickly bouncing away.

Quality content is why people come to your site and also why they’ll stay for a while.  Below is one of our favorite short videos on the topic of creating quality copy for web pages, reports, blog posts, flyers, brochures, and any long-form content.

The six secrets start at the 1-minute 20-second mark.

Keep these ideas in mind as you create your next article, press release, blog post, or other marketing content. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just make it valuable to the reader, and they’ll reward you with their attention.

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